Ski jump hills

The five ski jump hills at the Tapio Räisänen Ski Jump Hills can be reserved for your club. The hills are of the sizes HS-12, HS-24, HS-38, HS-52 and HS-80. Two of the smallest hills are covered with a plastic matting which makes them suitable for training throughout the year.

Ski tracks

The ski track network in the immediate vicinity of Vaara Sports is extensive: 6.5 kilometres are illuminated, and in addition to this, there are 10, 15 and 25 km courses available. The majority of the tracks are FIS-homologated.

Visma Ski Classics Challenger will ski in Taivalkoski in 12.4.2020. Read more:

Slopes and moguls

The Ski Resort Taivalvaara boasts 7 slopes, 3 lifts and two mogul slopes. The mogul slopes can be reserved for your club. You can reserve the slopes through Vaara Sport.


For orienteers, Vaara provides fantastic terrain and 50 control points’ worth of challenges. The permanent control point network has just been renewed for the preliminaries of the Finnish Orienteering Championships in 2018. A testimony to the ideal conditions of the Mustavaaraa kame and kettle topography is that the area will host the 2019 Finnish Championships. You can get your orienteering maps from Vaara Sport.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is becoming increasingly popular in Finland and abroad. At Vaara Sport, you’ll be out in the wild in a flash and the network of tracks extends far and wide. Enjoy the diverse tracks or choose your own adventure – the hills are guaranteed to challenge you and the scenery to reward you. Explore the routes at Jä


You’re in the right area for rapids, so why not refresh yourself by going canoeing? The Canoeing Center Taivalkoski is a watersport center with many possibilities: you can train in slalom canoeing, freestyle kayak, standup paddleboarding (SUP), learn the basics of canoeing or go riverboarding.  You can canoe through the rapids and take part in canoe tours with or without a guide. Vaara Sport is happy to answer any questions and make your reservations.

Trail running

Springy trails, incredible scenery and challenging hills await the trail runner at Vaara Sport. So grab a map and go conquer the trails with your own feet.