Service facilities

In the Vaara Sport service facilities you can conveniently maintain your own sports equipment, e.g. waxing your skis. The facility is located in the main building, making maintenance in the middle of training easy. In addition, a first-class service building is located close to the ski stadium and can be booked through Vaara Sport.

Sports massage and physiotherapy

You should also remember to take good care of yourself, not just your equipment. The services of a massage therapist, physiotherapist and sports massage therapist are provided by a group of local trained massage therapists and physiotherapists. Their facilities are located close to Vaara Sport but their services can also be arranged at the Vaara Sport facilities upon request.


The completely renovated sauna at Vaara Sport soothes your muscles and helps your body to recover from training.  We heat the sauna every day and also at times requested by clubs, if needed The sauna is located on the ground floor of the the Vaara Sport building. The sauna has room for approximately 10 people at a time.

The launderette and the laundry service

The launderette can be used freely during your stay. Laundry detergents are available for a small fee, but you can also bring your own detergents. Or you can simply let us take care of your laundry for you. We will deliver fresh and clean laundry neatly folded on your bed.