Vaara Sport –  a training centre for serious athletes

Vaara Sport is a full-service training centre for both domestic and international clubs and athletes who take training seriously.  At Vaara Sport, your stay is inexpensive, meals well-balanced, access to various sports easy, and services smooth and effortless.

Tuija and Kyösti Vinkka, the owners and designers of the concept, both of us are  passionate skiers, sports club activists, and seasoned travel and tourism professionals. In 2016, Tuija was chosen as the sports club person of the year and worked as an organiser at the Finnish Skiing Championships at Taivalkoski. Kyösti is working as a wilderness guide too. The outdoors are our way of life.

The strength and concept of Vaara Sport are based on strong regional co-operation and services provided based on what clubs really need: we have genuinely listened to clubs in developing our concept. We have made all of our services as easy as possible for clubs, including scheduling meals to suit training schedules.

Taivalkoski – most likely to be covered by snow in Finland

Vaara Sport is located in the municipality of Taivalkoski, known for its hilly and diverse terrain and its location a little north of Oulu, the most likely in Finland to be covered in snow.  The hill, located in the centre of Taivalkoski, is 278 metres high and provides a beautiful view over Taivalkoski. The best known destinations in the area include the Ski Resort Taivalvaara, but the area is filled with possibilities for engaging in all kinds of sports activities throughout the year.

Two national parks

The Kylmäluoma hiking area and The Hossa National Park are located in the north-eastern part of the Taivalkoski municipality and offer clear waters and high ridges for a marked trail network of 54 kilometres. The Syöte National Park and Iso-Syöte Hiking Area are located in the three municipalities of Taivalkoski, Pudasjärvi and Posio, only a fifteen-minute drive from Vaara Sport.

Cooperation with

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Hossa nationalpark
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